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Bad email addresses
Date: Jan 26, 2008 6:44:27 PM PST
Author: BillyP

Hi all,
About half of the email addresses I had for everyone are no longer active. I sent out an email on 1/24/08 and received back a bunch of error messages.

I will get a post on here, in the next couple days, listing all the bad addresses. If you did not receive and email from me on 1/24/08, please post up your correct (new) email address. Or, send me an email from you new address to: .

Billy Piner


Bad email addresses
Date: Jan 27, 2008 1:58:00 PM PST
Author: BillyP

Here is the list of emails for which I received error messages. Any help would be appreciated -

Black Smith, Judy Ann
Brownley, Leonard Lee
Butch, Paul Warren
Butch, Phillip Christopher
Eason, William Timothy
Edwards, Kenneth Marshall
Greene Williams, Karen Lynn
Gurba, Steven Emmett
Hager Culler, Debra Lynn
Hewitt, Dale Edward
Holland, James Franklin
Jenkins, David Edward
Klaus Nouhan, Susan Louise
Meadows Lazo, Kathy
Morton, Randy Lee
Plata, David Louis
Renegar Land, Vanesa Dale
Richardson Becker, Leona Mae
Schneider, Steve Corbett
Shackelford Harwell, Rebecca Lynn
Slate Wright, Barbara Faye
Yeck, Victor Thomas
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